The torment of the turbo

Before entering the turbo dungeon…

I’ve kind of wanted one for a while, rebuking the urge by reminding myself that I don’t really need one. I don’t mind riding in the rain (unlike Laura) almost to the point of enjoying it and ‘Rule #5’ pops up into this argument too (the velominati [] is a list of rules for road cyclists, rule #5 being ‘Harden the f**k up’)!  However, planning this ride has made a turbo a potentially useful training tool. I can structure training, work on specific aspect of cycling in a short space of time, were all explanations used to justify one to my wife while bidding for one on EBay.  

Cheap second hand turbo acquired, and my first sufferfest video (The Wretched) purchased and I’m ready to go, I think.

  …From the other side  

With quads quivering, eyes stinging and vision blurred I try to get off the bike, then give up and try to compose myself perched on the top tube.  A huge sea of sweat has moved across the kitchen floor.  I’m pretty sure I worked hard for that.  Despite the warnings from other sufferfest users I didn’t need a bucket to throw up in, but it can’t have been far away. I was praying for it to finish for the last few minutes.  It felt good though, like I was working for something, and the training video certainly made me work harder on the intervals than I’d ever manage to do on my own.  I’m not convinced that it’s as good for the soul as going out for a ride but it will surely help shoehorn the odd workout in where a ride isn’t possible.  

Using a bog standard bike computer lashed to the back wheel and the head unit on the seat-tube I managed to get some rudimental figures, which bear no resemblance to what I am capable of on actual real roads:  
Time elapsed: 48m 44s
Distance: 29.8 km
Average speed: 36.7 kph    

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