Save the date

Setting the date should be one of the easier parts of the planning process, it isn’t.  

For those that know either Laura or myself this will be of no surprise. Independently we are both fairly disorganised, together famously so, allow me to set the scene. Laura and I have entered two sporting events together and both came fairly close to not happening. Firstly was Man Vs Horse in 2013, which as the tittle suggests is people and horses racing. It’s a 23 mile cross country race on undulating to hilly horror show terrain. After watching Laura and two of her friends run it in 2012, I was bouncing to give it a go. So, we hatched a plan for us to do the 3 person relay as a duo. The plan was for me to run the first two legs with Laura getting all the glory of the final leg. I say all the glory, but I really don’t like the idea of that many people seeing me gracelessly floundering towards the finishing line then throw up as I cross the line.  With this plan in place at least six months (if not much earlier) before the race, rather than just entering, we left it to the absolute last minute and ended up having to send Laura’s dad, who lives quite close, to enter us the night before as neither of us would be arriving in time to do it ourselves. I think he got there about 5 minutes before it closed.  To be honest the rest of the event went rather well. I didn’t throw up. The Horse won!
This was then eclipsed later that year at the London Triathlon. We were both in the same wave for the olympic distance.  I had been training for this all year, this was the A race and I was aiming for a sub two and a half hours.  If I was a pro athlete I would have been in “the form of my life”. The morning of the race was meant be be rather sedate, by triathlon standards, our wave started at 12. This meant getting up at a fairly normal time having a spot of brekkie then heading over to the Excel centre. So far, so good. We head off and had no idea, and I mean not a clue, how to get there. The satnav wanted us to go down roads that had been closed for the weekend and the traffic was, errr, London traffic like.  In the end we got within sight of the Excel and had to decant and make a run for it. We got there, set up in transition and just caught the end of our wave’s safety briefing, two minutes later and there would have been no race. For the record I do not live, nor ever have, in London.  

So the date.  As it stands we will be setting off from Plymouth Hoe at midday on the 28th of March 2015.

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